9780801039935This is how evangelical historian Mark Noll begins his memoir, From Every Tribe and Nation: A Historian’s Discovery of the Global Christian Story (Baker Academic, 2014):

“For the most part, historians sit, read books, prepare lectures, grade student papers, occasionally travel to archives, sit some more, organize notes and books, relax by going to museums (and reading everything on all of the placards), attend conferences to hear papers read, write books and articles, retire, read some more, and fade away.

“The constant effort to figure out why people, institutions, ideas, cultural assumptions, conflicts, social relationships, and day-to-day living developed as they did in the past leaves little time or psychic energy for close attention to ourselves. While some of the books that historians write might be lively, humane, and compelling, our lives rarely are.”

Yep, I’m excited to dig in!