Preaching-George-WhitefieldAlthough a bitter rift had occurred between George Whitefield and John Wesley, Wesley could still say these things about Whitefield the man, given as a eulogy during Whitefield’s funeral:

“[H]e had a heart susceptible of the most generous and the most tender friendship. I have frequently thought that this, of all others, was the distinguishing part of his character. How few have we known of so kind a temper, of such large and flowing affections! Was it not principally by this, that the hearts of others were so strangely drawn and knit to him? Can anything but love beget love? This shone in his very countenance, and continually breathed in all his words, whether in public or private. Was it not this, which, quick and penetrating as lightning, flew from heart to heart which gave that life to his sermons, his conversations, his letters? Ye are witnesses!”

(HT: Steven Nichols during his lecture the Andrew Fuller Conference on “Whitefield and the Great Awakening”)