10 books that have deeply affected me

Books, books, books!

Death-by-Living-e1375235818221A friend today asked me to list ten books that have affected me in some significant way. Knowing me, you probably won’t be surprised it’s a mixture of fiction, theology, biography, and poetry. These are books that in various seasons of life have taken hold of me and have not let go—they have transformed me into who I am today. I could easily echo C. S. Lewis: “I am a product of … endless books.”

Though not always perceived, books make certain indelible impressions upon the reader. We will not always be aware of the mark they are making, but unquestionably books mold us and refine us, they allow us to expand our thinking, to venture into worlds unknown and times not our own. Books can paint with words as stories unfold and worlds are created and history is retold and budding theologians like me are made.

Well, here’s my list (in no particular order):

(1) The Chronicles of Narnia (C. S. Lewis)
(2) Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor (D. A. Carson)
(3) Death by Living (N. D. Wilson)
(4) George Whitefield (Arnold Dallimore)
(5) Gilead (Marilynne Robinson)
(6) Holiness (J. C. Ryle)
(7) A Heart for Missions (Andrew Fuller)
(8) A Timbered Choir: Sabbath Poems (Wendell Berry)
(9) The Gospel according to the Apostles (John MacArthur)
(10) Written in Tears: A Grieving Father’s Journey Through Psalm 103 (Luke Veldt)

I wish I had time to expand on each these books. Maybe down the road I will. In the mean time, tolle lege!


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