Single Best Piece of Advice on Productivity

Mike Allen, of the Washington, DC, based news organization Politico, got right to the core of things and gave the single best piece of advice I encountered in all of my interviews.

Q: How would you define productivity?

A: Being a maximum steward of your time, talents, and resources.

Q: What are the biggest obstacles to your productivity?

A: The biggest obstacle is what I think afflicts all of us: the amount of input. The amount of data and inputs are a blessing, but a challenge to manage.

Q: For Christians who want to be productive and make the most of their time, what is the most important piece of advice you would give?

A: To every day think about what is the single thing you could do today that would serve God and your employer or audience or family. And if you think about one thing that you can do, you’ll increase the odds that you’ll do it. Just do it. Instead of putting it on a list, pick one thing and do it.

— Matt Perman, What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done (Grand Rapids: Zondervan), 65.


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