A Common Temptation for Young, Single Men: Laziness

“God has called us to work diligently before Him in all that we do, and many men learn how to do this through the responsibilities that marriage and fatherhood bring. Another honorable route is for a single man to give himself wholeheartedly to the work God has assigned him. But to drift into a lifestyle which places maximum value on recreation and entertainment, with work seen as only that necessary evil which makes it possible to earn enough money to buy concert tickets, is a tragic waste of a human life. Laziness is a very common temptation to the male sex, but it is one which threatens true masculinity. More men are likely to ‘unman’ themselves through laziness than through many other sins.”

— Doug Wilson, Fidelity: How to Become a One-Woman Man (Moscow, ID: Canon Press, 2012), p. 127.


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  1. This is a great highlight from an outstanding author on the topic of applying scripture to the roles of men, women, and the family (among other topics). Have you read “Federal Husband” by Wilson? There is also a new book coming out next week (Wilson did the forward) that I would love your feedback on! It is called “Baptism is not Enough” (it is not a book just on baptism). I don’t want to abuse your blog by posting links, but more info about the book and the author’s website are on my facebook page (or just let me know if you are interested). Thanks for sharing! I think points like this and others on applying scripture to all aspects of life are such important conversations that need to be had today.

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