C. S. Lewis’ Review of The Hobbit (1937)

C. S. Lewis’ 1937 review of Tolkien’s The Hobbit (1937). I love the last paragraph:

For it must be understood that this is a children’s book only in the sense that the first of many readings can be undertaken in the nursery. ‘Alice’ is read gravely by children and with laughter by grown-ups; ‘The Hobbit,’ on the other hand, will be funniest to its youngest readers, and only years later, at a tenth or twentieth reading, will they begin to realize what deft scholarship and profound reflection have gone to make everything in it so ripe, so friendly, and in its own way so true. Prediction is dangerous: but ‘The Hobbit’ may well prove a classic.

You might say C. S. Lewis got it right. Read the entire review here.


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