packer“From the age of seven I felt weak,” says J. I. Packer.

“This is Packer’s testimony to the reality of weakness. I have now reached the point in life where inevitably I am wearing out physically; I can’t have many more years to go…. I find myself feeling weak.”

I loved the book promo (see below) on Packer’s forthcoming book, “Weakness Is the Way” (expected: May 31, 2013). Few men have impacted me more than this man and his many books. I just pre-ordered it for $7.73 on Amazon.

Here are two of the endorsements:

“If you, like me, struggle with discouragement over your weaknesses, you need to read this book. We all long to be admired for our strengths, yet we all find ourselves, ‘beset with weakness’ (Heb. 5:2). Does this mean we’re stuck living with discouragement? No! There is an escape to joyful freedom. Dr. Packer knows the way. Walking us through 2 Corinthians, he shows it to us so that we, like Paul, can ‘boast all the more gladly of [our] weaknesses.’”
—Jon Bloom, President, Desiring God Ministries; author, Not by Sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith

“Even the title of this book flies my heart straight to Jesus, kindling afresh my desire to see him as he is. I’m reminded each day that only God’s strength can sustain and empower me for service, yet I’m tempted to crave worldly strength. Weakness Is the Way emboldens those beset with weaknesses by means of the truth that our human frailty becomes real spiritual strength in and through Christ alone. This is ‘life with Christ our strength.’ How could we ever want to live any other way?”
—Gloria Furman, Pastor’s wife and mother of four; cross-cultural worker; author, Glimpses of Grace

Watch the promo below: