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Garrett — ExodusMy friend, Ryan Vasut, has posted a quick peek of Duane Garrett’s forthcoming commentary on Exodus

Duane A. Garrett, A Commentary on Exodus, Kregel Exegetical Library. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2013. 816pp. $39.99. (Forthcoming)

There is much I hope for from this commentary. Garrett has a unique Exodus route that I hope makes a strong appearance. I personally have found his arguments about this convincing and more satisfying that many of the other routes I have come across, and this is probably the main feature I would like to have in print. I do hope it is here. Additionally, with 800+ pages, I am sure there is plenty of exegetical content to dig through and enjoy. And while I do not buy commentaries for homiletical suggestions, I have often found his suggestions in class to be clear and frequently more helpful than those typically encountered in application-oriented commentaries. I would not be surprised to find that true here as well.

Also, make sure you pre-order it now: it’s $11 on Amazon.