Great, great advice for pastors: read over your head. Reading scholarly “stuff” keeps you (1) fresh, (2) humble, (3) hungry, (4) balanced, and (5) edified. Seven years into theological training and I have found this to be wonderfully and refreshingly true.

I especially appreciate his practical counsel:

What does this mean for you as a pastor? I can’t say for sure. But consider subscribing to a good journal like JETS or WTJ. Don’t dismiss every book that costs more than you think it’s worth. Plow through a book on your shelf that only makes sense half of the time. Find an area or a person you are really interested in and take a few months to read as much as you can. Try to peruse at least one scholarly monograph each year. And best of all, don’t be afraid to read the old, big books that these men and women are writing about.

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