Book Review: Same Kind of Different As Me

There are some books that present a story and, while good, they the story simply fizzles away into oblivion. And then there are those books that “hook” you, grabbing you by the collar and not allowing you to put it down. Such is this book which tells the story of two polar opposite men, Ron Hall and Denver Moore. While Hall is a prosperous art dealer who travels the world, Moore is a struggling man living in the streets of Fort Worth. At the insistence of his wife, Hall begins volunteering at a homeless shelter which Moore comes to for aid. Eventually these two men meet at the homeless shelter and oddly enough strike up the most unlikely of friendships.

The book is structured by both men alternately telling their stories. Rather than giving up all the details of the story, let me just say that it is one of the most endearing and inspiring books I have read. In a fallen world where there is much hurt and pain, this book offers a redemptive snippet of a selfish man turned into a gracious and selfless man. For the discerning Christian, he will find several tidbits of questionable things. But by in large I think all will appreciate and enjoy this story. It is a story well told and ultimately a story of a friendship one will not soon forget.


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