I’m Not Yet Home

There’s a kingdom that will perish; there’s a kingdom that will last. There’s a kingdom built by sinful hands; there’s a kingdom built by God. So go my thoughts on this 4th of July.

Our “indivisible” nation will pass in a fleeting moment and give way to the city of the divine architect. In this grand city faith will be sight, hope will be fulfilled, praise will be pure, fellowship will be true, love will be unmixed, riches will be untarnished, peace will be protected, goodness will be supreme, laughter will be exuberant, and joy will be complete.

But the climax of it all will be Christ. Oh, the loveliness of Christ! He will bring unbounded pleasure to His own. Righteousness will be His reign. And His love will prove victorious as we behold the eternal scars that set us free. In short, Christ will be heaven’s theme song through the ages as we exult in the salvation of our great and glorious triune God.

Now that’s something to die for.


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