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Today Grace to You launched a new page on their site where they plan on providing, free of charge, an expositional study of a book of the Bible. The plan is to have a new sermon online every Friday. They launched it off with the book of Philemon. This sure looks like a great resource for anyone and everyone who seeks to know the Bible verse by verse; or as GTY says it, “Unleashing God’s Truth, One Verse at a Time.”

Here’s an easy way to start an expositional study through a book of the Bible. Each week we’ll update the website with a new message so you can work through an entire book, verse-by-verse, with pastor-teacher John MacArthur.

We’ll post the newest message on Friday (so you can have it for your Saturday morning devotions) and leave it up for the duration of that book study. You can check back each week, or you can add the “GTY Audio Study” to your RSS feeder to receive an automatic reminder (click here to learn more about GTY RSS feeds).

If you’ll set aside the time, we’ll give you the message. So grab your Bible, a notebook and pen (or open a new document!), and get ready to enjoy the profound riches of God’s Word.