The Natural Art of Forgetfulness

Recently, I’ve been realizing how easy it is for one to forget the things which are so obvious.

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God is holy and He hates sin. We know that.

God longs to be reconciled with His people. We know that.

God takes the initiative of saving lost and rebellious sinners. He stoops down to us. We know that.

God makes His ways known to us—He reveals Himself . . . and He has in His Creation and His written Word. We know that.

His presence is terrifying yet sweet; His Word is powerful yet gentle; His law is convicting yet delightful. We know that.

But O how so often do we forget that which is so simple and basic.

May God empower us to be effectual doers of the Word and not merely listeners of it (Jas. 1:22). Let us dig deeper into God’s revealed Word and let us always keep reminding ourselves of the basics—we are sinners in need of grace and mercy which is only found and obtained in Jesus Christ.


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