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After so many years in the war in Iraq, it becomes so easy to just munch away at the dinner table with the news that another suicide-bomber took with him x-number of lives. We get used to it. Yesterday (Tuesday, August 14, 2007), in the city of Qahtaniya (in Iraq), four truck bombs killed at least 190. People say that it looks like a nuclear bomb just swept the area.

We must never grow callous at the death of people—regardless if it’s here with a bridge collapsing or if half-way across the globe with a bombing; we are to be constantly interceding for the millions who die each day without Christ. We should own the lostness and pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers. People need to here the gospel. May Christ be glorified in all.

“Four truck bombs killed at least 190 people on Tuesday in two villages in a Kurdish-speaking area near the Syrian border, destroying houses and sending hundreds of the wounded to at least six hospitals as far as 150 miles away, the Iraqi authorities said.

Hours after the blasts, victims were still buried in dusty rubble as American helicopters ferried away the wounded.

“Half the houses are completely collapsed because they were made from clay,” said Capt. Mohammed Ahmad of the Iraqi Army’s 3rd Division. He said scores of families were obliterated in the blast that wiped out a market and a bus station.

Another Iraqi officer described the scene as apocalyptic: “It looks like a nuclear bomb hit the villages,” he said.

The bombs — including at least one rigged to a fuel tanker — detonated in quick succession around 8 p.m. in Qahtaniya and Jazeera, two towns populated mostly by Yazidis, a Kurdish-speaking sect that mixes elements of Islam with the teachings of an ancient Persian religion. . . .”

(HT: 4 Truck Bombs Kill 190 in Kurdish Area of Iraq in New York Times)