Abortion: The Greater Atrocity

NOTE: I’ve included pictures which are extremely graphic and disturbing. It is my desire to shout on behalf of those
that have no voices for the glory of God. Please don’t simply close this and check your e-mails or read another blog, but let us get on our knees for these babies and take a stand for what is right. We won’t know what
abortion is until we see what it does. Abortion has too often been a theoretical event that occurs but seems so distant.
My intent is to bring it home.

– ISAIAH 5:20

In 2002, 1,082 American children died from violent assault; 2,347 American children died in a car accident; 32,867 American died from disease; 1,310,000 American children died from abortion.

A great atrocity? Yes. I know this topic is not one that is very popular, but nonetheless, one which must be addressed.

A great atrocity exists when rescue workers search desperately under a fallen bridge for the possibility of life, yet are content in the death of millions of babies. This is the greater atrocity–because in this act, there is no recognition of the evil being committed.

In my state of Florida alone, 85,589 abortions were performed in 2001. According to AGI, on average, women give at least 3 reasons for choosing abortion: “3/4 say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities; about 2/3 say they cannot afford a child; and 1/2 say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner.”

Thirty four years ago (January 22, 1973), Roe v. Wade was decided. Since this landmark decision was made, it is estimated that there has been 46 millions abortions.

Abort73.com is a site that tells the truth as it is:

“We believe that the best way to eliminate the injustice of abortion is to educate young people with the massive body of evidence that stands against it. We are not educating people into a new morality, but rather into a more consistent application of their existing morality, one which already holds that it is wrong to kill innocent human beings. While we recognize that abortion is symptomatic of the much greater problem of sin, it is a symptom which claims the lives of thousands of our unborn neighbors every year. We cannot be silent.”

Visit the Abort73 and know. Also, check out AbortionNo.org.

May your hearts break as has mine. Transform the knowledge into action. The pictures below are very real and have not been altered–they speak for themselves:

First Trimester Aborted Embryo – 7 Weeks from Conception


8 Weeks from Fertilization

8 weeks from fert

9 Weeks from Fertilization

9 wks from fert

10 Weeks from Fertilization

images (1)

24 Weeks from Fertilization

24 wks fro fert

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  1. Yes Michael,

    When I first saw these pictures, the reality of abortion hit me real hard. It became more personal than abstract. And I hope it does the same for others.

  2. The dates on those photos are false. You are blatantly lying about how far along the fetuses in each picture are.

    Just thought people had a right to know that.

  3. Logan:

    I have no intention of lying. Of course, I’m no expert when it comes to knowing how old fetuses are by simply looking at these pictures. These pictures are from Abort73.com, not mine.

  4. The world needs to see what abortion truly is. These pictures witness to the truth, the horrible truth. If abortion is nothing bad, then why are people afraid to look? There is no way to excuse or turn away from what is shown in these, and so many other, abortion photos.

  5. Oh, and one more thing, for Logan: Even IF the blogger is mistaken about the ages of the aborted children, does that diminish the horror of the pictures? These pictures start with very, very, very young children, the first one definitely in the first trimester, but this isn’t the real point, is it? The real point is that they are aborted children, no matter the age.

  6. Abortion is an incredibly horrible and sicking thing but that does give anyone the right to pass judgement. Personally i could never do that and yes i think it’s a horrible thing to do but its still the mothers choice and nobody has the right to stop anyone from to make a choice that doesn’t effect anyones life but thier own

    1. so it should be legal for me to kill my neighbor because it doesn’t affect the lives of the people making the laws?

  7. Wow thats just heartbreaking. Its crazy seeing the 20 week old abortion. But my sister was brutally raped contract aids and got pregnant, she had an abortion. I wanna know who wouldn’t do the same. Im also curious if something happened like that to any of you or your mother,sister,aunt,or your daughter who would still feel the same about abortion? Or would you still be as critical on them as you are on the many women who know they cant do the tough job of being a mom and have abortion? Just because there are many women who have abortion for no reason doesnt mean that there aren’t women out there like my sister and have a real reason and dont really have any other choice but to have an abortion. Just a thought.

    1. If you can’t do the tough job of being a mom, there’s adoption for that. No need to kill the thing.

      And about the rape part, I agree. I wouldn’t want to carry my rapist’s child. But that’s the ony situation I can agree on.

    2. I was 17 when i was raped at knife point.I was 3 months pregnant when i found out i was. I also was told at age 13 i would likely never have children.
      I don’t think abortion is the answer because you “dont want a rapist’s baby.I mean really did the baby ask to be a part of it? NO. Adoption seems more reasonable since there are alot of people who cant have a baby and really wants one.
      As for aids,not all babies are born with aids because the mother has them.They still deserve a chance at life and maybe even a cure…in the future.
      Anyhow,I kept my baby girl,now 16.I don’t look at her as the father of a rapis.Or something to remind me of what i went through. Although when i look at her i see that when you’re hit with a life changing negative,You can always look for the positive.She IS my positive from that.I hope that made sence?I just wanted to share my story,and say abortion doesnt need to be the answer.

      1. you are an inspiration xxx what a brave thing to have done as you said, something to remember your horrific experience except you chose to look at the positive side and not the negative.. we definitely need more people out there like you. abortion is a sickening thing in this world.

  8. Please do not pass judgment and let people make their own decisions. Its important for each and every individual to have their freedoms. If this freedom isn’t allowed, what would be next? What if it effects your life, how would you feel about that. And truthfully – why DO you care about something that does not effect or involve you in any way at all? really.

  9. I fell pregnant at 18 my boyfriend was 17. It certainly wasn’t a planned pregnancy, but we both worked hard at it, and we are now married with a beautifull son who’s now 5, the truth is i look at him and i am so glad i made the decision not to abort, I know there are people who are in alot worse situation then I was and i feel for them having a termination cant be easy, but on the other hand there are women out there of all ages that use a termination as a means of contraception and has had more than 3 abortions,we all make mistakes but there is a difference between making a mistake and being careless, the use of termination’s needs to be questioned, especially when innocent life is being taken away.

  10. This is absolutely ridiculous. I am not for or against abortion. I believe that there are certain situations that require that a woman have an abortion, such as disease, rape(if the woman chooses) and others. To post these pictures is unfair to the woman who didn’t have a choice. I think whoever made this website needs to get a life and worry about themselves instead of spending the rest of their lives protesting in front of an abortion clinic, making woman feel bad about a decision THEY have to live with. All I wanted to do was see what my baby looks like at 10 weeks and this is what I have to watch? Get over it. woman have choices and thats the way it will always be. I hope that you don’t raise your children to live a life like yours.

    1. Thank you for this post! I also was looking for a picture of what the baby I’m carrying looks like and am disgusted with what I’ve found. I think anyone who thinks that there are many women out there that have abortions without good reason, doesn’t think at all. Period

      1. Dear maker of this website :
        If you really care so much about children, spend at least as much time helping to feed starving babies in Africa or anywhere else in the world. Get every bit als frustraded with the injustice done to little child-slaves so we van buy our clothes for less money. Maybe then I’ll believe you really care so much about children. But far more important: Maybe then you wouldn’t be a hypocrite

  11. everybody has a choice! no one should say whats right ore wrong.. its your life to live, if you know who you are then you will make the right dicisions..

  12. Dear Anonymous (comment #15),

    It is true that everyone has a choice. I don’t disagree with that at all. But let me ask you a question: Is my calling something right or choosing to call something else wrong, an evil? You see, if you follow your logic than you’ll end of contradicting yourself.

    Say, for example, someone walked into your house and picked up your TV and began walking out with it. What would you do? Would you let him? Will you simply throw your hands in the air and say that it’s his choice to do that and that you can’t call that wrong? Well, obviously you would do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t walk out with you TV.

    Why is it wrong of me to call something wrong? In your own statement you’re calling what I’m doing wrong. So you’re not following your own reasoning.

    I view this as a great injustice. It is the taking away of innocent lives. These fetuses are living babies. While they have not come out of the womb, they are nonetheless human beings. Whether they be here or in Iraq or in China; they are human.

    – Lucid Thinker

  13. Just so you know, that last fetus at “20 weeks” isn’t a product of abortion. If it were it would either be in pieces or the head would be caved in.

    Way to lie to the people.

  14. if some one wants an abortion, it is up to the person to decide. If they decide to abort in the 2nd or 3rd trimester there will be a perfectly good reason for doing so. they will know they are pregnant, if your daughter fell pregnant young say 14 or 15 you would make her keep the baby and ruin her future. Surely you dont agree with abbortion as you want your child to have a great life…..

    1. there is never a perfectly good reason to have an abortion unless otherwise you got raped or you know for sure that your baby has no chance is having a healthy life and rather not put the baby through pain and suffering for their entire life. I have a friend who got pregnant at 14 and gave birth in april of the next year right after turning 15. Her life isn’t ruinned! She is a succesful single mother with a happy 8 year old, she is now 23 years old, went to college and is a proffesional living on her own. yes she did need help when she was young but she finished high school with her class and went on to get a bachelors degree.
      It’s sad, but in reality I wished all this morron’s mothers would have had an abortion so we wouldn’t have a bunch of ignorant self centered and selfish people running around this world. If you dont want a kid use contraception that is widely available anywhere. If you dont have money then go get condoms from any clinic since about a good 90% give them away for free!

  15. Oh my gosh
    i’m only four weeks
    along and that is still so heart breaking
    i would rather give the baby up to a good home then get an abortion
    i’m only 17 years old and i was on the pill but it did not work
    they tried to tell me that the baby was dead because it was an eptopic pregnancy
    because they saw a cyst in my falopian tube
    thankfully the hormones cameback low so i am only 4 weeks [1 month]
    i know i am young but i would never do that
    i was responsible enough to lay down with my boyfriend of a year and two month and get pregnant
    then i am responsible enough to take care of a baby for the rest of my life
    even when he/she is older i will still always be there to take care of my baby
    because although this baby was a mistake
    they will always know that they were the most happiest mistake of my life.!
    and nothing or anyone will ever change that
    i’ve only known not even a week and so much has changed
    && i’ve already grown so attached from prayin to god when i was in the hospital for my baby to be safe now since he has answered my prayres
    i will pray to him every night for the guidence and strenght i will need to make it threw with my junior and senior year pregnant and as a mom
    and to also make it threw clooege
    because i WILL make something of my self just so i can prove everyone wrong when they said that i couldn’t do it.!

    1. amanda ur in similar position as me cause am 17 too an turning 18 on september an am 18 weeks pregnant. my mom dnt knw as yet thou an am at my boyfren house now waiting on her to call cause i left her a latter so bye………………….

  16. I think all you anti abortion idiots are so wrong, i had an abortion 5 years ago because it just wasnt the right time, i didnt have any money and i simple could not have provided all for a baby!! as for all you lot that will say “adoption” NO WAY!!! thats worse!!! i was only 4 weeks when i aborted and doctors dont even class as a baby at that stage…… i am now 11 weeks pregnant and very excited / nervous, i am in a much better postion and can provied love and care!!!

    Anti abortion – you really are idiots that just want something to shout about!!! i will not be visting this site again!

    Claire – i feel no shame

  17. also anyone else who thinks abortions right please leave your contact details and ill change your views for sure,theres people out there dying for kids,please think b4 you kill another baby

  18. I love how you have posted pictures of misscariages (D&C’s) and try to pass them all off as abortions. You are a douche.

    I feel sorry for the people that believe your lies.

  19. i am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant. my baby is only 5 mm long and already has a beating heart. it was the sweetest sound to hear. i couldn’t ever stop it.

  20. abortion in week 22?
    which country does allow that?
    here it is allowed only till week 12.
    and i don’t think, it is murder.
    but i think, someone should be responsible enough, when he / she has sex not to get pregnant.
    but it can happen, and it does to often. you can’t force a woman to have a kid if she doesn’t want
    (hope, my english was not too bad 😉 )

  21. I believe life begins at conception.
    Some may think that the embryo isn’t a human yet, but if you think about it, they are. They may not look like an adult human being yet, but they just haven’t had much time to grow. A three-year-old doesn’t look like a full grown adult, but that does not mean that they are not really a person. It just means they are still developing and growing into that adult form.
    God has a plan for every life. Every one has been put here for a reason. If God didn’t need someone for a special purpose, He wouldn’t have created them.

    At 15, I realize I don’t know exactly how hard it is to carry and later care for a baby, but I do know that every baby is a blessing–and each will prove to be such…if given the chance. 🙂

    1. Well then I guess that God’s plan for my baby must have been for it to have been aborted at ten weeks. Either that or I’m more powerful than God. Oh us humans and our pesky free will. My own abortion three days ago was a perfectly lovely experience. I was met at the door and escorted up to the waiting area, a really nice nurse took down my details and told me not to worry, that I was in good hands. I was weighed, given a canula and some painkillers and the pill to soften my cervix. Then I went into a private waiting room with my best friend and watched tv until it was time to go in. The meds made me a little shivery and crampy so the nurses gave me a hotpack for my stomach and a warmed up blanket. When it was my turn a really friendly nurse came and got me, she showed me where to get changed then took me out to the gurney to wait for the doctor. He came in and went through what was going to happen and answered all my questions, then he gave me a shot of something to make me woozy and the nurse wheeled me to theater. I don’t remember much after that, I was sound asleep the whole time (about ten minutes). Next thing I know I was waking up, I didn’t realise at first that it was all over, I was still really out of it. It’s hard to describe what I felt when they told me it was finished. Relief, lightness, happiness, a sense of freedom; all cliches, all absolutely true. Getting an abortion was the best decision I ever made, for me and my now never to be born child. Now I can get on with my life, I can do the things I’ve always wanted to, I get to be the one that decides how my life is going to play out and that is an incredibly liberating feeling. To know that I’m not going to have to struggle day in day out at a minimum wage job to support a child that I never wanted. To know that I don’t have to be tied forever to a man that I don’t love just because one night we were horny and the contraceptive didn’t work. As far as I’m concerned you can take your disapproval and shove it sideways up your arse. Hard. For the first time in history, women are able to have a say about what happens to their bodies and their lives, and no bible thumping moron is going to take that away from us. Certainly not with bs photos designed to prey on our emotions during one of the most difficult periods that any of us will ever go through.

      1. Did your baby have its own individual DNA? YES!

        Did your baby have a heart beat? YES!

        Is it murder? YES!!

        Have fun in hell!!!!

      2. i’m an atheist and i believe it’s wrong. so don’t think christians are the only ones opposed to it. also, you are correct in saying women have a choice of what to do with their bodies; it’s called having sex or not having sex. too bad most women choose to be sluts these days and not take responsibility for what they created. and another body is involved (the baby), not just the mother.

      3. Go rot in hell. Some sluts like you have babies, but they put them up for adoption, which is defiantly a word you haven’t heard of. Seriously, what is up with all these abortions?

      4. people who have abortions are selfish, they are not ready to give up their world for their child!! you cant make a decision to kill a child because you are not ready. if you were not ready why the heck would you have unprotected sex! you act so proud of your abortion well i will tell you u are a coward. a coward for not being women enough to have the child that your stupidity created. you quick to say what a good experience it was but why dont you name and shame yourself women!! people like you make me sick! im 24 and pregnant with my second child, was i ready? no, but this is GODS plan and he knows i will handle it… “GOD NEVER GIVES YOU SOMETHING YOU CANT HANDLE” ….. and whether you christian or not, i hope your decision will haunt you for your life.

  22. My name is Tiffany. I’m 21 and had my first baby right after I turned 19. He’s 2 and I love him to death. I’m not with the father and it’s really hard to support him and take care of him by myself and because of the way the economy is, I’m having trouble finding a good paying job to support him. I recently just found out I was pregnant a couple weeks ago. The father was someone I liked and wanted to be with but didn’t feel that way for me, basically saw me as a one night stand. He is now back with his ex, moving with her in a cpl weeks and eventually going to propose to her. I am not for abortions, never have been and never thought I’d think twice about it but I did today. With not having a job and struggling already with my first child I felt that it would be the “right thing to do”. I thought to myself, why bring another baby into this world that you can’t give a good life to, the kind of life every child deserves.. the more I thought about it the more it “made sense to me”. I would love this baby to death but when it comes down to it, sometimes love isn’t enough. Money is a huge issue and when you don’t have it, life isn’t easy. But after seeing this photo I am not going to get an abortion and I’m so disappointed in myself for even considering going through with this. If I would have gone through with it I know I would regret it and looking at my son everyday for the rest of my life would always remind me of what I did and I wouldn’t be able to live with that. So, thank you to whoever posted these pictures.. you have helped save a life.

  23. Tiffany,

    I’m thankful that these pictures have shown you more of the ugly side of abortion. We’re the same age and my heart goes out to you. It is not easy. It’s painful not having all the resources you would need and like to raise a child.

    I’m thankful that you did not go through the abortion. But the greater and more important issue is your standing with God Himself. We are all sinners before God and are worthy of complete separation from Him in hell. While we might not all be murderers, we’re still without hope when compared to an infinitely holy God who demands nothing less than perfection.

    Jesus Christ–God Himself–became man and lived a perfect life and was crucified on a cross among two thieves. He came to not to be served but ” to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many” (Mark 11:45). Christ’s infinite and matchless love is staggering to the human mind. He did not merely die to be an example of love but to actually die on behalf of those who did. You see, on the cross He bore the sins of all those who would ever believe on Him and Him alone for salvation. Peter said it this way: Christ “Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed. For you were continually straying like sheep, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Guardian of your souls” (1 Peter 2:24-25). That’s the essence of the Christian Good News: we’re sinners and God has made a provision for our greatest need. No one escapes the plague of sin; we’re all infected bu it. I need a Savior who can actually save from my sins.

    I pray that you would turn to Christ and trust in His death for you, knowing that His death was enough, proven by the fact that on the third day He rose again. He conquered sin and death so that we would escape both. I don’t deserve it. We don’t deserve it. That’s why it’s complete grace. I’m praying for you, Tiffany, and your two kids. You can e-mail me (lucidtheology@gmail.com) if you’d like.



  24. Keep the laws off my body.
    Hey instead of bashing women for having abortions, work on sex education and prevention you douche bag! Who are you to judge really? Lifes a bitch when a human being makes a mistake, but being human we are prone to make them, and since you claim to be a holy roller. Remember the only judge that matters is Jesus, God, our Father and he is full of abundant forgivness. God knows whats in the heart of every woman who has had an abortion, and since you don’t have a hell to place them in, throw your stones at you self. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone right? And with this blog quoting bible scriptures and then telling women to be ashamed of an abortion, you live in a glass house baby.

  25. Lauretta —

    I don’t somehow think myself better than anyone else. You’re right, there is forgiveness in Christ for all our sins. He is patient with His rebellious creation and stands ready to accept and forgive and they would simply reject self and turn to Christ as their holy hope.

    I’m ready to admit my own sin and failings. Every day I prove the fact that God would be just and fair in sending me to hell. The fact that I’ve trusted in Christ by no means allows me to be on a higher moral plain. I still fall so short of God’s standard. His grace is the one that daily stoops down to me, an unworthy wretch, and forgives and cleanses me from all sin because of Christ. The greatest thing for the Christ is forgiven guilt and a clear conscience, knowing that my sin problem has been taken care of by Christ on the cross.

    While I might not have experienced an abortion I nonetheless know many women–including family–who have had one. These babies are actual persons. While they might not have come out of the womb, they nonetheless are humans. They have no voice to say something. That is what breaks my heart the most. And that is what breaks the heart of God.

  26. I am a nurse, I have a daughter who is 7 years old. I had her when I was 20. I considered myself a young mum at the time and I would not change having her for one bit. At the time I was pro choice but the choice was not for me just because at the time I was naive, did not really understand what my life would be like after having her and the challanges that I would go through just to keep myself and my daughter above the bread line. I was never one for taking handouts so had to work hard to support myself and my daughter I done all this as a single mother.

    However 4 years ago in March i had an abortion. It was the right choice. If I had kept it I would be on social handouts and would have become one of the nations uglies. The people who others like myself try to avoid at all cost.

    I done what I did to insure my daughter has the best life possible and has a happy life. The way I see it, and some may judge me for it, I thought more for the child that I can see, cuddle, talk to and kiss every day then the thing that was growing inside me. And personally I would not change a thing. I would go through it all again if I had to, to insure the future of my daughter.

    I hate it when pro lifers try to say that they are right. No single person is right. The only person who is right is the person who chooses either to end the pregnancy or the one that goes through with it until the end.

    I do however agree that showing pictures of abortions is good in that it teaches people, it is a way give people an informed choice, However what I disagree with is showing those pictures to heckle people. To try and stop them from going ahead with their choice. To give them nightmares and to make them feel bad or at least try to make them feel bad.

    On the point of god’s heart breaking, why does he if there is a god cause people to have miscarriages? is it not natures way of saying uh ho no good is gonna come of this? so why then can a woman not say the same? would it not be just as simple then in pro life eyes for a woman to full down a flight of stairs drink a bottle of vodka take a hot bath and let nature take its course? That way she has not had an abortion but simply shown bad judgment of steps and vodka consumption?

    Anyway I had said my 2pence.. Although I know non of the pro lifers will pay much attention to it I want to give the pro choices and the inbetweenies the chance to actually know what it is like to have an abortion rather then just having one side of the story.

  27. You say it is a woman’s choice over her body. But it is not her body she is destroying,…it is the child she is destroying. How many million mistatkes can happen before you girls wake up to reality. Sex makes a baby!!!! If you don’t want a baby think ahead of time. Protect or don’t have sex. How much simpler can it be???????

  28. you can all say what u want but unless you have been faced with this decision you have no right to judge.
    I hate myself for what i have been through and i hope the people who put these pictures on the net realise that it makes people suicidal. You have no idea how much this affects people. think about someone else other than your own judgements. Im not sayin anything is right or wrong but just think about how people feel seeing these pictures. sick.

  29. as for comment no 31 GO FUCK YOURSELF. its not always about protecting yourself. accidents can happen. It doesnt always have to be carelessness, sometimes things can go wrong. Obviously you have no clue so go think about how u make ppl feel b4 u go postin SHITE on a blog. BITCH.

  30. I’m pro-life and pregnant. I’ve given two kids up for adoption which had to have been the hardest choices I’ve ever made in my life. I cannot say that the thought of abortion has never crossed my mind, but for me, I cannot allow myself to do this. I believe in God and Jesus and the right to life an so on, but…People do what they do, and sin is sin, none being any worse than another. God provides consiquences to people based on their decisions, it is not our place to punish or judge them!!! We are all imperfect no matter what our sin is and are not to pull the speck out of our brother (or sister’s) eye while a log remains in our own…
    You are not God and it is dangerous to post pictures like this online!!! You don’t know who may stumble across this after already having an abortion. Someone may see these pictures and really end up messed up. I think one blogger here has already mentioned possibly becoming suicidal.
    This is dangerous and you really don’t know what this could do to people. It’s great that you want to preserve life…but shocking and disturbing people with nightmarish photos??? Try talking to people, one on one. There is no one size fits all way to convince people of what you would like them to believe. And how many people that really didn’t need to see this have been cursed with these photos???
    Please, have some compassion…That is a vurtue of Christ also! If a woman is having a hard time dealing with an unexpected pregnancy they deserve love and support. Not shock and nightmares!!! God wants us to love one another not judge one another.
    And if your trying to sicken those who have already gone through with abortions…then your just playing a punisher and that would be far from walking in Jesus’ footsteps!
    Try spreading the gospel first…and the rest will soon and naturally follow suit (without the horrifying pictures of dead babies- it really is a bit sickening to make any poor internet surfer who stumbles across this site look at such painful and macbre images)!!!

  31. Wow, there are a lot of extremely critical people out there… who actually contradict themselves quite often. To all of those that got defensive: there’s a reason you felt that way. If you were correct in your feelings, there would be NO NEED to defend yourself. A life is a life. Period. God places these beautiful souls inside fortunate women for a reason… and that is NOT for us to decide. What we need to do is quit playing God and accept the consequences of our decisions.
    I am 18 weeks pregnant and it definitely was not planned; but we made the decision to have sex and I was prepared to deal with the consequences (and we used protection as well… sometimes God blesses us in ways only he understands).
    To those who feel abortion is a ‘woman’s right’… yes you can see it that way; but know that it’s also ‘anyone’s right’ to pull a trigger- and we see that as murder don’t we? Tell me, what’s the difference?
    People have become way too into themselves and lost sight of the true blessings in life… a child is the most amazing blessing one could ever hope to have. If you are pregnant and don’t want the baby, that’s okay. I guarantee there is a family out there that would LOVE to have the opportunity to raise your child if you would be willing to endure the few months of pregnancy to save a life.
    Just think, what if your mom chose to take advantage of ‘women’s rights’ when she was pregnant with you.

  32. post 31….out of all the sites I have been on I have never read something so SEXIST. “How many million mistatkes can happen before you GIRLS wake up to reality”….yes you’re right we are girls, some of us young, naive, wooed by an older male, taken advantage of and yes some of us are careless but how dare you make a comment that is so accusatory and hurtful towards women who have been in one of the most horrible situations imaginable.
    I have had an abortion and I have been questioning my morality, my bad choices and what my life would have been like for just over a year. We are not stupid little girls who didnt use a condom, the boys we were with didnt use a condom either!my decision was heartbreaking and I’ll never forget it and the last thing I need when I go to forums and websites looking for support is people like no.31 blaming WOMEN when practically all the doctors who perform abortions are MALE and making a fortune. I do regret my decision but I would never begrudge any woman having the choice…I was leaving for university in two weeks and had no money. My dad always said the hard choice was the right choice and for many the hard choice is abortion, believe me it is not an easy way out as many (mostly male) scholars would argue.
    And your comment, no 31 of ‘how much simpler can it be….??’ well there is not one contraceptive that is 100% effective so that can lead to quite complicated situations.
    You sound like the Virgin Mary but I would bet big money that you aren’t, I would bet that you have had unprotected sex and have just been lucky or completely oblivious and ignorant to the consequences.
    Once last thing…if you are going to preach to people and be sexist, rude and arrogant, you may want to work on your spelling so as people may take you more seriously

  33. When is it ok to kill someone else? Let me know. I made a choice to read this, but now I am inconvenienced by knowing that so many of you are so self centered. You are most likely an inconvenience to me and what I want, and your thought is menace to society in general, so I would like to abort you.

    I now feel at peace over war crimes too. You weren’t there, you don’t know what it’s like to have foreigners in your land! Those people had to be killed. There wasn’t any other choice. Things are becoming so clear for me now!

    You don’t have the right to judge me!! It’s my choice to abort you. Please, if you are pro choice , leave your address, what times you are home and don’t make any noise. You don’t have any rights, and it’s my choice anyway, by your own admission. Oh yeah, I’m doing it in “love” anyway, since I personally can’t deal with you.

    Can people really be so brain dead? Let’s just let them live by their own logic! It’s open season on inconvenient people everyone!! Let’s go!

  34. Hey Ivan. Are you a woman? Have you ever been pregnant? I don’t think so. Therefore, you must not know the heart-wrenching decisions that we women have to make, for the babies and ourselves.

    Women have a right to choose what to do with their body. While you obviously have your opinions, you, a man, should have absolutely no say in this matter.

    There are many reasons for a pregnancy, and it is not your place to judge someone. How about the fact that the mother cannot take care of the child? What about it being dangerous for the mother to carry the baby?

    Don’t call these women self-cantered and selfish, they are doing something that they feel the need to do.

    Also, for the adoption argument, how do you describe all the “people out there dying for kids” while there are HALF A MILLION KIDS IN THE U.S.’s FOSTER CARE SYSTEM?

  35. I agree. And i believe we all have a choice though. And whatever you believe to be the right one -you need to believe with all your heart because an aborted baby is something u can’t get back. Trust your heart. God Bless 🙂

  36. i think abortion is bad…why do people want to take life away from a little creature who has nothing to do with the problems of the mother..if someone doesn’t want the baby maybe they can take it to a church or give it to someone lese but don’t take away his life..in my personal opinion i would never abort a baby because is just NOT fair…think good before you do anything you can’t get back….don’t do it just because of an impulse…God Bless!**

  37. i believe everyone has a right to choose what she wants to do. if that female makes a decision to do that, than who are we to critize her for what she did as if she doesnt have to live with that decision the rest of her life. many of those who are commenting negative probably are getting assistance from someone who can help. or how would one feel if we found a secret about you and critized you for the decision you made. to each is their own and no one should judge anyone else because i’m pretty sure someone can blog/comment about a wrong decision you made in your life. so the point is make your own decisions and deal w/ your own consequences whatever they might be and stop trying to put someone else down to make yourself feel better, becuase you probably sleep around, not married and having sex, like the same sex or creed of animal, lie consecutively, steal, cheat, and destory. for we all can comment on someone elses choices but first look into yourself and see what you can do to make yourself better than counsel others instead of judging. because believe you are not perfect.

  38. Such a sad decision for a woman to have to make. Don’t you trust those who do such a ting to suffer their own grief about it without trying to make it worse?

    The pictures are grotesque and disturbing. You say you want to “bring it home.” All you brought home by posting them was that you care more about making your point and fighting for mythical concepts of unattainable morality than you care about the feelings of the people around you. I agree with the other posts that say you’re an idiot because even though that’s probably not the case, your insensitivity renders you as untrustworthy as someone who is.

    Get real. Start working somewhere that you can help save babies instead of posting this horrible stuff.

  39. I simply want to say that I have researched abortion and found signed documents with photos from doctors who practiced abortions, containing images such as these – so in regards to age, the photos are correct.
    And regarding the issue of the last child’s picture – it is indeed from an abortion – the trauma to the child’s body alone makes it clear enough to me. I have also seen documentation of such babies; not all have to be in the condition as was described in attempts at disproving it as an aborted baby.

  40. Life is precious. We can create life !! because God made us co-participants in this miracle.f You believe in this that’s fine if not, it doesn’t matter, that’s the way it is 🙂

    Hopefully the people ( not only women are responsible ) who decided to have an abortion can see what it is… a murder. Let’s prevent pregnancies and get educated about it.

    Wonderful site… more tan 1 baby has been saved 🙂

  41. I just wanted to say that i was young when I got pregnent, I was with a loser boyfriend who I got rid of. I had no money. I worked as a bartender for little pay. Abortion was never in my thoughts. I could never imagine taking a life for my stupid mistake made. I know look at my wonderful 5 year old boy and am so happy for him. I got married last year and am now trying for my second baby. It hurts my heart to see those above pictures, but it really makes people think twice.

    I can’t beleive some people say you should have a choice to kill a human life. We do have a choice have sex, or not. With sex cpmes babies.

  42. i am sorry, but abortion is M U R D E R!! how can you not see that?? it’s not “an accident”, it didn’t “just happen”. you PLANNED on KILLING this sweet innocent HUMAN life? your not even giving it a chance to live a life!!! don’t want a child, well guess what, shouldn’t have laid down and made one. got raped, i’m very sorry for what you had to go through but….why kill it…there is an alternative called adoption. give a child to a couple who could afford it, and give it a wonderful life!! why kill a baby, over your selfishness. that’s all it is. i have a 2 year old, and i am currently 5 weeks pregnant. i was pregnant a year ago, and lost the baby at 10 weeks. the baby quit growing at 8 weeks. i had to wait a whole week, and have a d&c done. that was the worst day of my life!!! i really wanted that baby, and knowing that it had died before i got to even meet it killed me more than anything. i actually had a breakdown after that. that’s why i am so very thankful for this baby i am currently pregnant with. all babies, fetusus, embryo’s, whatever you want to call them, truly are MIRICLES from God above. Sorry, but that is my opinion….if i offended anyone……………sorry for your luck, you’ll get over it.

    1. The uneducated of the world believe in God. The only reason you have been indoctrinated to believe that abortion is wrong (and condoms too) is because the CEO of the catholic church (nameless power brokers, Pope etc) NEEDS MORE MEMBERS! So remember, kids! Get out there an bolster their numbers, and whatever you do, don’t have a single independent thought for your whole miserable, repressed life!

  43. i use to be 4 this but i never knew how quick they tend to develope and it truly is heartbreaking if i am prego im keeping it…


  45. I’m 15 years old& 10 weeks pregnant. I have my choice set to getting an abortion.. I figured it was really the only choice I have in my situation.
    I don’t think I could manage going through with it knowing it was the result of rape. I feel guilty as hellll… but I’m just going to be a sophomore in high school. It’s the hardest decision I’ve made so far…. and maybe the best.

  46. Number 50, Why should you feel guilty for you decision. You should have a baby on your terms, not what society dictates. You are only 15 and have your whole life ahead of you. You will have another chance to have a baby. It is YOUR decision to say now is not the time. Others will claim abortion is not the only choice, but you do what you feel, not what others tell you. I am pro-choice, I am for women choosing to go on with their pregnancies (like myself) or to terminate them because of whatever decision.

  47. I think that persons that abort children, are the worstest criminals in the world, a child in the womb in helpless it can help it self, the baby did not ask their parents to conceive them, why the have to pay for your mistakes. when its there just take responsibility and dont try to get an esay way out, it is not worth it

  48. an extreme of selfishness would be to kill a child in order to prevent your own life from being more difficult. I don’t care what the circumstances are, the decision to abort–that is to kill a baby, in order to have a more convenient life is unjustifiable. I we cannot jusdge those who murder innocent children as wrong, who can we judge?

  49. I have had abortions. never anything past 4weeks conception. dosen’t justify it but it has happened.

    i have never understood the late term abortion. its legal to have one until 24 weeks, when babies born at that time have a 50% chance of survival. even the duggar’s have a baby born at 25 weeks – one week past the legal abortion age.

    right now i’m confronted with another birth control pill baby. will i abort? no. i went to the clinic and couldn’t do it. the sonographer actually had ethics when i asked if the heart was beating. she showed me the cardiac activity. i’m expecting surprise baby in september.

  50. What’s really awful is that a 21 year old punk is preaching to women about what they should do with their life, because he’s been studying up on his rule book that was written hundreds of years ago and is now hopelessly outdated.

    Dude, you want to champion a cause? How about stopping your beloved Pope from “banning” condoms in third world nations? You want me to send you some pictures of small children dying of AIDS thanks to religion? That seems to be how you operate, ie, lies.

    How many of these photos are even of aborted fetuses? And how many are miscarriages because the baby had chromosomal problems that couldn’t sustain life? If you don’t know, then you shouldn’t have posted them. You have a responsibility to tell the truth. Oh wait! No you don’t, you’re religious. You don;t do the truth.

    Maybe you should consider that abortion is only one of MANY nasty realities we must live with in this world. Like wars over religion. Like priests molesting children. And the slow but steady infiltration of church into government matters.

    And please: stop dispensing advice – you’re 21! You don’t know anything about anything. Sounds to me like the sum total of your life experience is, you’ve memorized a book.

    The absolute irony is that you refer to yourself as a lucid thinker. Lol. Talk to me again in 25 years and maybe by then you will have opened your eyes.

    1. Phil – THANK YOU for being realistic and truthful supporting a woman’s right to choose! Please continue being awesome!
      No matter how anyone tries to spin it, no one, and I do mean NO ONE should EVER have the right to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her own body. A lot of people like to say “well, think about the life of the poor baby!” Here’s the thing: It’s a fetus. It is not a baby. It is a FETUS. And until that fetus is born, it is in the woman’s body. Therefore, under the concept of Bodily Domain, the woman can choose to remove the fetus if she so desires.(For those of you out there who are complete morons and aren’t aware of what Bodily Domain is, it means that no one can touch someone in any way without their consent because it is, in fact, their body. Hence, if a fetus is there INSIDE A WOMAN’S BODY, and she doesn’t want it there, she can do what she deems necessary to remove it.) If you think abortion is “wrong”, you are mistaken. What’s wrong is feeling that you have more rights to a woman’s body than she does, and can force her to remain pregnant against her will.
      People need to face facts: It is the woman’s choice to make, no one else’s. What if the woman in question is genuinely NOT ready for a child yet? There are so many cases of women whose bodies cannot handle a growing fetus, and become very ill, have all sorts of complications, and can even die -yes, DIE – because of the fetus growing inside them. And what about instances of rape? Should a woman be forced to re-live what happened to her every day, and live with that? Think about it: if a woman is raped, should she be forced to keep the fetus? Even with the option of adoption, she would stil have to carry the fetus for nine whole months, and live with the awful reminder of someone violating her in the worst way possible and putting something inside her body without her consent. If you are okay with this, you are messed up.
      Another troubling thing is that I have seen a lot of men who are “pro-life.” When did it become a man’s right to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with herself? Men cannot get pregnant, do not have a uterus, and therefore in my opinion, should NOT have any say in this issue at all. And really, how many men out there get women pregnant only to deny everything and blot like cowards? Too many. I’ve even heard of situations where a man tries to tell a woman: “Don’t have an abortion. I’m not going to do anything for the child, I won’t help you out at all, and am going to run away and deny my part in its creation, but DON’T ABORT.” This is screwed up. So it’s okay for a man to knock chicks up and leave, but it’s not okay for a woman to make a choice that she feels is best for her? Does anyone else see how flawed that is?
      To anyone who feels that abortions are “evil”, “sinful”, “against God”, or anything like that: You know what God REALLY hates? People that try to do his job for him. Meaning that only he can judge people, NOT YOU. When you tell someone that they are sinful, you are trying to play God. Hey, didn’t someone get kicked out of heaven for that? For trying to take God’s place? Oh yeah! That’s right! LUCIFER. When you tell people that they are going to hell, or are evil, or anything like that, YOU ARE DOING THE VERY THING THAT LUCIFER DID. You are trying to be God. And that is frowned upon. Also, don’t assume that just because you’re a Christian, everyone else must be, too. America is NOT a theocracy. The whole “God wants you go keep your baby” arguement goes out the window if the woman doesn’t believe in your God.
      I leave you now with this final thought: A lot of you guys are Christians, and throw your ridiculous bible sayings at everything. With that being said, let me ask you this: If the fetus you save turns out to be gay, will you still fight for its rights?

  51. I, too, am disguisted with these pictures. To make innocent people see these pictures (I too am 10 weeks pregnant and just wanted to see what baby looks like now) when they have not or will not abort is unfair. It really hurts to view these pictures. Most places where you go to get an abortion warn you about these things and show you models of how big baby is. Disguisting websites like this are hurtful and unnecissary.

  52. I had an abortion about a year ago. Economically I was not in the right place to have a baby. Looking back I am glad I made that choice. I got it done at 8 weeks pregnant. It’s websites like these that make me feel in a way guilty and ashamed. But I know deep down inside I am not a bad person. I personally do not agree with late term abortion, but at the same time I am no one to judge any woman who wants to get an early abortion. Personally I do not think I would go through an abortion again because i do not want to risk the chance of me not ever having children. I want children one day.

    If you are pro life or pro choice that’s cool with me. I respect anyone who has values and is standing up for them in a respectful manner.

    I am not here to call a pro-life an idiot or a dumb ass because i respect that point of view. Abortion comes down to an individual point of view. I can’t judge any woman who had an abortion and no one has the right to judge me because they were not in my shoes through my situation. We all had different reasons as to why we choose things weather it is to be happily pregnant or to have an abortion.

  53. Horrible images indeed. However, abortion USED to be illegal, and we certainly wouldn’t want to return to that situation, where:

    · men controlled women, and used religion to assist them do it
    · women especially, were stigmatised by religious pressures
    · this pressure led to them being whisked away for secret abortions
    · the illegal abortion rate was similar, if not higher, than it is now
    · a case in point: Saudi Arabia, arguably the most conservative theocracy country in the world, is estimated to have over a million illegal, back street abortions per year
    · women were usually forced into abortion by religious stigma
    · backstreet abortions were (and are) incredibly dangerous

    That’s WHY abortion was legalised – the dominating religious ignorance was killing women and ruining lives. Abortion is now safer because it’s legal and the abortion rate is not any more than the estimates of when it was illegal and secret. In fact after peaking in the 1970’s the rate has been steadily dropping.

    The best way to reduce it further is by education, contraception, strong moral grounding based on rationale and reason (not arbitrary religious indoctrination, scaremongering and control), and by trying to lessen poverty and drug use. Making it illegal, driving it underground, and stigmatising people again is clearly not the answer; it simply didn’t work and wouldn’t work.

    Another fact that I think people should be aware of is that 30% of all conceptions end in natural termination – more than the USA abortion rate, which is something like 19% (which incidentally is the highest rate out of the countries with legalised abortion, whilst ironically and hypocritically being the most religious country).

    That basically means your god is a greater abortionist than humankind, and you do have to wonder at the point in putting a soul into a foetus only let it miscarry a few weeks later!
    Anyway, the point being, even if you got the man-made abortion rate to zero, that still wouldn’t save half of those ‘poor little children’ (your words, not mine) from suffering and dying by nature’s or god’s cruel hand.

    I think the discussion about abortion needs to be completely free of religious belief, and concentrate on what people think is best for society based on debatable evidence and rationale. ‘My god says so’ is not helpful or constructive at all and it has nothing to contribute to a solution.

    I think that’s the problem with religionists. You would be completely happy if abortion was simply illegal and you could shake your pious fingers at people who found themselves with an unwanted pregnancy. However, you’re not thinking about what that means terms of the REALITY of human behaviour, psychology, history, economy or culture: you’re demanding something on a religious principal without considering the reality of the consequences.

    You should perhaps talk to secular/atheist anti-abortionists, and let them help you get your act together, because they will use evidence, debate and intelligence to make their point in a very complex arena, as opposed to the silly, simplistic religious demands and shock tactics that the theists employ (oh, and shooting doctors).

  54. Truthfully i think abortions should be illegal,do to if ur goin to spread ur legs and not where protection u should take on the resposibility,Abortion should not be done and people besides me need to fight this sick sh*t,People that do this will go to hell in my book

  55. Abortion is absolutely sick. First off begin by looking at these murderous pictures. Second realize that this was a human whos life, decisions and freedom were completely ripped away. Quoting commenter 14, “We all need a right to choose.” Yes too bad you take away all the rights from the child who was murdered. Now let me ask you this. Why does America allow abortion to persist, while hitting a pregnant woman with a car in almost all states warrants two counts of manslaughter, if both mother and baby die. Is that not a logical fallacy? Now let me ask, why can a mother using crack while pregnant be reported for child abuse, before the baby is even born, if somehow what inside of her isn’t a life? Do we live in a magical world of mystery? Or does it all come down to desire and wants? If I don’t want the baby its ok, and it can’t make decisions of its own. Well if that is true then my 90 year old grandfather while alzheimers can be chopped up with a chainsaw, because I don’t want him anymore. How about my 5 week old, ah, after giving it a try I just decided parenting is not my thing anymore. So guess what, I’m gonna kill this baby why does it make any difference what if that baby was born 4 months premature?

  56. I don’t like abortions, and I personally think they are immoral, but I can’t choose for someone else what they should do with themselves or their body. It’s called pro-choice, not pro-abortion. Sites that aim to convince people against having abortions are good, I think, but not if they’re overly dramatized or biased, as this one is. People should get the facts, not tabloid propaganda.

  57. I think abortion is a funny subject but people should have a choice since if it’s not legal then they’ll have to go to back alley coat hanger clinics.

  58. im 19 years old. i found out i was pregnant just after my 18th birthday in july last year. i had an abortion on the 1st september last year at about 8 weeks. as im so young i know i cant look after a baby on my own, i would of been a single parent with nowhere to live as my mum said she would kick me out if i kept it. i had just quit my job and had no money.
    what im trying to say is that for me, an abortion was the correct thing to do but also the hardest thing i have ever ever had to do, as i did want it.
    i wouldnt get myself into that situation again when i have to make a decision like that. im young and can still learn from my mistakes.
    anyone agree with mee?


  60. HEY,

  61. OH MY GOD!!! i am pregnant now and i feel like crying. i will NEVER choose 2 do an abortion in my life. NONE of gods children deserve any of this.=,(

  62. for no 64.
    In your case your Mum’s lack of support did not help. It would appear you had no choice so don’t beat yourself up about it. I agree that learning from mistakes is all part of being human.

  63. Reading these comments made me realize one thing: the world is doomed.

    Here is the scenario: free-thinking, intelligent atheist decides to have an abortion. Meanwhile,un-evolved religious type, unable to think for self, member of cult from middle ages, keeps their child, raises it as a member of the cult. On top of that, cult-member can’t use condoms, so has five more children. Smart people 0- Cult Members 6. Game over!

    No wonder religion doggedly hangs on this world… there are just too many morons out there.

  64. I have five babies that I have adopted. Some as babies and some through foster care, and some oversees. I love those mothers out there who took the longer and physically harder road to carry these babies, that they may be loved and have a chance to become strong, happy, and smart people. I am so sad for those women out there whom have made this horrible choice that they cannot change. Those little hands that develop so so early were not able to be loved or helped. Although I am sure that they were loved and held beyond what we can see or even understand, by those on the other side.
    For those of you who have had an abortion, I really do feel so sorry for you, that you were in a situation that you felt the need to end a life. I am sure the pain you feel inside from doing so, is enough, that we must not beat you down. But please dont be “for” something, just to try to make you feel less guilty. Or you will not feel forgiveness in your own heart.
    Feel the sadness, bring that pain all to the surface. and then say Your sorry, to that little spirit. Then you can begin to heal. If you are contemplating abortion, change 2 of those letters and make it ADOPTION…just think about those little hands, developed so beautifully even at 8 weeks. Allow those hands to make a great difference in our world. Those hands may be the hands that CHANGE the world. All because you gave them a chance. What’s 9 months..You will grow in more ways than your middle. You will gain wisdom, strength and unselfishness, as you give the greatest gift ever given to another mother.
    You will be the central part of this statement, Thus touching the hand of God.
    “From Gods hands, to my hands, to yours.”
    Luv to all.

  65. Yes the pictures are gross. Yes I think abortion should be a cause of last resort. That said, no one, not me, not the government, not the church, not you, or anyone else has the right to tell a woman what to do with her own body. Period.

  66. No one is telling them what to do with their body. They are entitled to pierce, tattoo, exercise, get fat, opt of our cancer treatments, get chemo, get breast implants, dye their hair, tie their tubes so that they can’t get pregnant, have a hysterectomy etc. But once you CHOOSE to have sex, you accept responsibilities for that action. Including pregnancy. And once you are pregnant, there is a human life inside of your uterus that you cannot just terminate because the timing is bad. What if your mother had an abortion? These babies have heartbeats, a brain, 10 fingers, 10 toes. Abortion is murder…period. This is coming from someone that had an abortion in 1999. I am a woman, and I’ve had an abortion. I have been raped, and I have conceived a child in love. So, I’ve experienced all of scenarios that you list as valid excuses for having an abortion. Would you say I am qualified to speak on these matters? Do I hate myself, no. Have I forgiven myself. Yes. Do i think someone having an abortion today should hate themselves no. Do I think someone that is going to have an abortion tomorrow is committing murder. Yes. Do I think I consented to the murder of my child in 1999. Yes. Do I think this baby had a soul. Yes. From the day it’s heart started beating. There is nothing wrong with posting these pictures. If there is nothing wrong with abortion, then why should these picture offend you so? They offend you because it’s a horrific act. It’s a tragic loss of life.

  67. To all those who say these pictures are lies and propaganda, are not facing the truth. We all lie to ourselves to suit are own agenda. The pics are horrible,but what do you think happens when you abort? the truth is in the pictures. you don’t want to face it.
    Personally,I believe in education. All sides of the issue need to be told. Calling others names and demeaning them just because you don’t like their views serves no purpose.
    Half of all abortions in this country are repeats. So to say women are using birth control is a huge lie. Saying that a fetus or embryo is nothing but a blob of tissue is also a lie.
    All i’m saying is this,life is precious, and abortions should be rare, and shouldn’t be used in place of birth control.

  68. I think it’s important for women to be given good information on their choices, whether they plan to keep a baby or end their pregnancy early. Rude comments, calling names, suggesting that someone is heading to hell because they’ve had an abortion, and other such behaviours aren’t in any way helpful. I know too many women who desperately want to adopt a baby. And I know too many women who desperately need to NOT be pregnant. And today, I listened to my friend share how (yesterday) she miscarried her baby at 5 weeks gestation and literally saw it and held it’s tiny little body in her hand. It blew me away as I realized that in her mind, that baby had a name, a place in her heart and her family already. Her sons knew they would be big brothers, and her mom was excited to have another grandchild. That teeny tiny fetus, had a name. Has a name. Every one does. No judgment here – I just care. On the research side of things, please know that if you do go in for an abortion, it increases your chances of breast cancer to 600% what they would otherwise have been. (Medical research – not just me saying so.) Also be aware that having an abortion is not easier than carrying the baby and giving it up for adoption. Research shows that women usually feel some sense of loss, a wondering if their baby was a boy or a girl, grief, and at some point they have to process these emotions. This is a very difficult and painful topic, and I think we need to be sensitive to those trying to come to a decision and work through a very, very hard time in their lives. It’s our body, but we can’t avoid thinking about the tiny body we helped create, that is growing inside of us. Aaaand, I’m in no way a counsellor or someone who works at a clinic. Just wanted to at least give some research-based perspective. :0)

  69. Where is God and who said abortion is a sin you crazy bitch? Did Jesus come down and specifically tell YOU that it is wrong and you’ll go to hell if you do it? Or was it other PEOPLE ? Well it doesnt matter, because as much as you hate it and can’t stand it, there are people getting abortions everyday because it is THEIR body and THEIR decision. So move on with your own crazy life.

  70. alright, i know abortion might be a crime, but how about what happened to me? my girlfriend had planned and stopped taking pills for 1 month, she was throwing the pills everyday to the trash.. then she made herself pregnant without my permission to force me marry her,,, my god.. we had plans to get married after 1 or 2 years, now she forces this into our life with her stupid desicion and we are not even ready for it.. i dont want to abort but at the same time i will lose my honor to accept this from her, its just like she backstabbed me with a knife, cheated me and planned everything on her own just like i never exist, you saying abortion is a crime but what she did isnt also a crime? to change a man’s life and future.. what can i say to my family? my world? i got screwed! i told her ok if u keep it but for us i cant stay with you anymore after what u did, you made this choice alone and you should stay alone, it hurts so much for me but any man on this world cant accpet this, else he will be a gay, she just destroyed her life, my life, and the unborn’s baby’s life with this stupidity, she doomed his life even before he was born, now how he will feed? live? educate? without his father? his father that will be feeling shame and misery and crying everynight after he got cheated like that… this is not also a crime???

  71. I got an abortion yesterday, at we speak im in pain that words cant explain, the abortion pill was the worst painful experience ive ever had. They also lie about not being able to see your baby as it comes out, im pretty sure you can tell the difference between a pure red blod clot and your unborn (sorry for being graphic), but to be honest after that encounter, Im ok that I did it, and not raise a baby in this world where I cannot give it what he/or she needs. When the time is right that my husband and I are more stable, then we will plan for a family. So to say that abortion is the worst thing ever, I disagree.

  72. i agree that this is horrific. i would never discredit this debate, because it’s such a hot topic and should be. however, where’s the websites for the children that are already here? the ones who are molested and starving and beaten? i find it appalling that we spend so much time on abortion (granted, it’s deserved and probably needed) but we turn our heads on children that are ALREADY HERE. where’s that debate? where’s that argument? we’re so concerned about the unborn…fighting for those who can’t? remember the kids who are here.

  73. I just don’t understand why Pro-choice people keep trying to drag God into the debate, “I’m not going to let some bible thumping zealot tell me what to do with my body!!” I used to be Pro-choice, under certain circumstance. Rape. Now though The only possible way I can imagine it being done is if you were raped by a family member and your baby is mutated. Under no other circumstance could I say it was okay, even if you were out by yourself and some guy forced himself on you. Your a victim and your baby is a victim. Why kill something that is completley innocent?? If you couldn’t bear to have the baby because it brings up horrible traumatic memories then there is always adoption. I was listening to girls at work talk about it and at least three copped to it, their reason…They didn’t want to get FAT. It turned my stomache. I am 14 weeks and I stumbled across this trying to look at pictures of other babies the same age. I’v seen pictures like this before so i wasn’t shocked and appalled. I could never murder my baby, he has fingers, toes and a heartbeat already. He was sucking his thumb in an ultrasound. I’m not married, I’m very young, I work as a cocktailer so income isn’t wonderfull… But I still could never have an abortion. I don’t want to come down hard on women who have done it, i’m sure at the time they felt they had no other choice. I know that they live with it every day and it must haunt them. So wouldn’t adoption seem like such a better option then living with that pain and that guilt?? I just dont understand,If you have sex, you have babies. Even if you use a contraception and It failed you. You still know it could happen. I was on the pill and took it perfect and I still got pregnant. LOL sorry I don’t mean to ramble on and on. After reading some of the things people wrote here I just wanted to share my bit. I love my baby already, I can’t wait to see him. The possibility of taking away a future from someone who is as innocent as can be takes my breath away.

  74. I understand everyones point on this situaion, but no one knows the story of people who get abortions, you are talking about women just like yourselfs, judging people on personal situation is above you, getting an abortion is a really hard choice some people have to make, look at these 16, 17 year old LITTLE girls that have to raise there children, I personally think yes if you do not want children dont have sex, but sex is natural and everyone is going to do it, use birth control is another method but sometimes no matter how careful you are pregnancy happens, and if you have no money and dont have a good life yourself, you would really want to bring a inoccent child into that situation, statistics say that 90% of teen moms do not go to college and 70% do not even finish High school, so thats nice your moms a high school drop out and now your living off the state, Im sure that baby is going to grow up real nice. I think abortion is ok, not good but ok if you are in situations that is not good for your child, but its a womens choice, and being a women you should maybe stop and think oh I dont know what that child or womens situation is.

  75. my bf’s ex had an abortion when they only got together the fetus would have been about 10 weeks when she killed it and i am 10 weeks pregnant now with his baby he never wanted kids with her but he would never have got rid of it but she never gave him a choice i feel like sending her this page to show her how evil she is and she is going to hell he was 25 she was 29 he would of had the baby but she should have accepted the responsabillity for he actions and kept it but she is selfish and didnt she was old enough to have kids wat a bitch and i have a baby by my ex she is 2 and a half now she is the same age his little baby would have been now in a really guilty way im glad she never kept it cos then id have to put up with that weirdo in my relationship but i really hate her for doing that to him cos he has cried about it alot but we are happy we are having a little baby and my little girl loves him but i hope his ex dies cos she a murderer could never imagen loosing my babies

  76. Abortion is a terrible, terrible thing! I do believe that it is murder, If you cannot mind a baby then don’t have sex, if you do not want a child then dont have sex! because it is too sad and prevalent, you think that these cannot feel pain then you are lying Acts 17: 28, Psm: 36:9, 139:13-16 read these scriptures and you may have a change of mind. There are persons ou there who want to have children and just cant, Why must destroy life when we ourselves cannot give it. Think before you act. This is for all those contemplating an abortion who willfully have sex

  77. Thoth: High Five on the Gay comment! Amen to that! God, Jesus, The universe, who ever you believe is looking out for us accepts and loves us ALL.

    To the pro-lifers. Do you really think your God is proud of how you talk to people? Of the hate that comes from your heart and your lips?That is not the goodness of God speaking. That is something else, and you are letting him make you think he is God. You know who I am talking about.

    I had an abortion. I have a chronic incurable illness that I take regular and powerful medication for multiple times a week. I was not using protection as I’m in a committed relationship and also, I was told when I was young that I probably couldn’t have children.

    A few months ago, hubby and I found out we were about 5 weeks pregnant. The amount of medication I had taken into my body made the potential infant very high risk for deformities,lethal defects, high risk for late term still birth, spontaneous miscarriage.The list goes on. I went to the doctors and got all checked out. I was already dilated a little bit, and had some cramping and spotting. The miscarriage seemed to already be starting. Upon consulting my doctors, talking to the Obstetrician about the medications I was on for my illness, praying for guidance, and discussing the risks with my husband, we decided together to have a Therapeutic Abortion, done by vacuum.

    And do you know what? We are SO happy, because this event revealed to us that somehow, my reproductive issues that I supposedly had when I was younger, are GONE. We CAN have a family. And when the time is right, probably within a year, I am going to carefully go off the medications for my illness ( I have to be off them for 2 months before conception to really take away the risks to a baby) and we are going to let nature take it’s course.

    I am not a bad person. I am actually a really awesome person, full of love and peace, I am NOT a murderer. I prayed about my decision, and I believe that God laid it on my heart that he was just letting me know to have hope, to expect a family and to prepare my body to be a mother. I am grateful for my experience. And I believe that 5 week old fetus served the exact purpose that was intended.

  78. different people with different point of view. Maybe if all would have agreed that abortion is wrong then there would be no point of creating a page and discussion on it. or maybe if everyone would have been for abortion then some contries would not have been over populated!!! one thing is for sure, while doing abortion the fetus is hurt and confused just like us when we get a cut or burn. Someone sleeping being cut by someone else, and when that person cant do anything is the worse of worse!!! yet some have their own reason. People take advantage because a fetus cant shout and cry. maybe if it would have been such then the fetus would have say, ‘please mom keep me with you, the scissors are hurting me! dont let them tear me into pieces!’. According to me abortion is wrong. you want to have sex take your precaution!. The law of karma say ‘as you sow so you reap!’

  79. Abortion is not murder. Murder is ripping away someone’s life and ending their hopes as well as taking them away from their loved ones; things that no one has the right to do. Abortion is terminating an unwanted pregnancy. It is not a fully formed, functioning human with desires, dreams, and loved ones… but the mother is. Her right to choose what happens in her body and to pass or not pass her genes must be protected. Embryos do not have rights. I’m against late term pregnancies because they’re dangerous, risky, and at that point, I believe cruel to the fetus. But within the first trimester and if it’s not readily used as birth control instead of contraceptives, then I believe a woman is fully within her rights if she wishes to have one.

  80. Lets take god out of all of this for a second, and lets look at the other aspects of the situation. These fetuses are HUMAN BEINGS in their beginning stages of LIFE. I do not care what religion you believe in MURDER should be wrong in ALL eyes. Yes I do believe a woman should be able to make her own decisions about her self as long as no one else is BEING affected, but with abortion someone else is being affected, its not just about the mother at this point. I am sorry women are the ones who carry the children, but that’s the hand we are dealt as HUMANS, every creature on this earth other than sea horses needs a female to create life. It is what it is, if you do not want to take part in it get a hysterectomy.

    BUT do not think for one minuet that the unborn child you carry is less of a human being than you are, because they are not. You may be conditioned to believe they are lesser creatures because you are BIGGER than they are, or they will never remember anything, or you may just be ignorant to what a HUMAN BEINGS beginning stages of life actually consists of, or maybe because you never really had the chance to learn about it. I do not know your individual situations that make you consider abortion and I do not care, but to believe that it is not MURDER is pathetic. I sympathize with the women who would not be able to take care of their child, but wouldn’t you rather give the human a chance at life with someone who could, other than taking THEIR CHOICE AWAY ALL TOGETHER!

    I do not want to make anyone who has had an abortion feel bad in any way, i just wish you all could understand that murder is murder, abortion is murder, yea your body is your choice but when you get pregnant for at least nine months women share that body with another human being(Therefore it is not just your body), and that’s how it has always been and always will be, there is nothing a woman can do about that other than get desexed, evolution, or deal with it. It is not just your life that is affected when you get pregnant. Please educated your selves before getting an abortion, and the abortion doctors will tell you they are just pieces of flesh in your stomach, they want to make money and they will tell you whatever they have to get that money.

    The only thing we can do is try to prevent pregnancy and in the case of it give the child to a family who cant have one, murder is not the right way to handle the unfortunate situation. Its no different that Casey Anthony killing kaylee, really its not, the motives may be different but the action is still the same. I don’t care how much you want to be the same as everyone else a woman will always be different, and with that have harder challenges dealing with those differences. You just have to learn to deal with the things you can not change and sharing another life with someone for 9 months are one of those things.

    So if you have had an abortion and see the pictures on here please do not hate yourself for it, try to help other people and educate them that there are other options and try to help save a life. Or at least reevaluate what you believe murder is.

  81. medical reason/ rape is the exception . point blank end of story. everything else is careless, not that i think everyone should conform and be the same, or have the same values, its just that the mothers say they should have a voice and choice over their body but who has the voice or choice for the child. Think about it, who? Does a child that can not speak deserve to not have a choice/voice?.. In the end this can be debated to the end of the world, but in the back of an educated mind is the facts about abortion, we may not want to accept them, to feel better about the decisions made, but it will always be there, i just hope those who have can find peace. Help others understand, do not trust what the abortion doctor tell you, they don’t care about you or the child you carry,they just want your money.

    And one for the people who throw hate everywhere to those who have had an abortion, that is not the way to go about it. You should educate them not hate them, you have no idea what knowledge they had going in.

    Now it is a different story for the ones who use abortions as a form of birth control instead of other measures. There is no words to describe how horrible that is, and to those i don’t care who is offended and i hope you are. Its is different when you try to protect and it fails but when you do not care at all to protect and just say you can always just get an abortion is just cruel and i hope you never have the chance to have a planned child, and having multiple abortions you probably wont ever be able to anyway.

    If your pro choice or not, abortion should never be used as the only form of birth control.

  82. yes, abortion is shocking and heartbreaking. however, a late-term abortion is illegal throughout the U.S. a woman who undergoes an abortion is capable of understanding the depth of the decision she’s making. that being said, 70% of first trimester pregnancies end in miscarriage, often without the knowledge of pregnancy.

    the presence of familiar looking structures in the body of a first trimester fetus, such as the beginnings of a hand, doesn’t change the fact that this article and the whole pro-life stance is simply degrading and cruel to the thousands of women who have had to make the difficult, heartrending decision to have an abortion. it assumes that those who get an abortion don’t understand the gravity of the situation. i’ll tell you, though i’ve never had an abortion, i know several people who have. none of them were fit whatsoever to carry a child. one was fifteen, never went to school, had an STD, and did drugs. one was suffering from breast cancer. both were heartbroken and depressed due to the decision, yet still believe that it was the right decision to make.

    making abortion illegal due to religious commitments in turn forces your belies upon others, regardless of their religion. i don’t think Jesus cares much for that. it forces those who cannot healthily carry a baby to endure the costly and ultimately heartwrenching reality of a doomed pregnancy.

    if you don’t want to have an abortion, don’t have one.

    1. every child deserves to be properly cared for, from conception to adulthood. an unwanted pregnancy is an unwanted baby. the united states has an abundance of unwanted babies and children.

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